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Animal Waste Pollution



Missouri is among the nation's leaders in livestock production. This production helps feed the people of the state and the world. However, incidents of animal waste pollution can be devastating to our economically and recreationally important waterways. This Fact Sheet provides general information about animal waste pollution in Missouri's rivers and lakes, and guidance to those interested in obtaining more information.

Pollution History:

From 1983 to 1997, 343 Agricultural Pollution Incidents affecting Missouri waters were investigated by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the Missouri Department of Conservation. The incidents caused 144 known fish kills. Data from the investigations show:

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In 1996, 36 Agricultureal Pollution Incidents were investigated and 9 fish kills were verified.

Specific Concerns For Missouri's Aquatic Resource:

What Can You Do About Animal Waste Pollution in Missouri?

For More Information:


This fact sheet was prepared in March 1998 by the Rivers & Streams Committee, Missouri Chapter of the American Fisheries Society, P.O. Box 10267, Columbia, Missouri 65205-4005.  Please write to this address to request additional copies.   Data for this fact sheet were obtained fromt he Missouri Department of Conservation.


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