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MOAFS Fundraising
MDC has given MOAFS permission to use the wonderful fish photographs provided by Lance Merry and Bob Hrabik that will appear in the upcoming revision of Fishes of Missouri.

These posters are not only a fundraiser, but also an opportunity to showcase the many beautiful and often under-appreciated fish found in Missouri’s waters.

A 16 poster set compiles the current scientifically accepted fish species found in Missouri and can be purchased for $80.00.  Each of the unique posters within the 16-poster set can be purchased individually for $10.00.  A bulk buying discount is available:  first 5 posters at $10.00 each and any additional posters at $5.00 each. A $10 charge for shipping will be added to all orders up to 1 full poster set. Additional shipping costs will be added to larger orders.

For questions on ordering contact Eric Rahm at or 573-418-0035.