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Outdoor Adventure Auction
As part of our fundraising at the 2024 Missouri Natural Resources Conference, we will be auctioning several trips provided by MOAFS members and donors. Bid on one, or bid on all!

We are accepting bids now, through the close of the MOAFS Silent Auction, at 3:15p on February 7th 2024. Vote in person at the MOAFS booth at MNRC, or text your bid to Joe McMullen at 314-606-5260.
Thank you for supporting MOAFS, and enjoy your adventure!

Cave Tour and Karst Workshop at the Ozark Underground Laboratory and Tumbling Creek Cave

Cave Tour

Current Bid- $


Guided Fly Fishing Niangua River, Meramec River, or Westover Farms


Current Bid - $


Guided Lake Fishing at Lake of the Ozarks


Current Bid - $100


Guided Paddlefish Snagging at Lake of the Ozarks


Current Bid - $